Round Top-Warrenton Bi-Annual Antique Shows

If you love antiques, you love the hunt – and sometimes the hunt can end up being the best part depending on where you go. This is especially true if you find yourself hunting for antiques in one of the prettiest parts of Texas  . . . the Round Top-Warrenton area.  

Gently rolling hills, fields of bluebonnets blooming in the Spring and lots of country charm would make the trip worthwhile even if you weren’t going to look at acres and acres of the finest antiques around.

We’ve asked one of the premier dealers of the Round Top Antiques Shows – Frank Tamborello of Old Henry Farm – to answer a few questions and give us a little insight as to what both shoppers and dealers might expect to find on visiting Round Top-Warrenton.

What is Round Top-Warrenton?

“The Round Top, Texas antique shows originated at Rifle Hall, a local gathering place, in Round Top over 40 years ago. Twenty-two antique dealers gathered for their first show. The brainchild of Ms. Emma Lee Turney, considered the matriarch of the all the shows, started the antique venue at approximately the same time that a wealthy Houston, Texas philanthropist Ms. Ima Hogg purchased properties in Winedale, Tx., near Round Top to promote the Arts and the Shakespearean Theatre. Ms. Hogg was also an avid lover of fine antiques. Today that first show has evolved into thousands of antique dealers exhibiting throughout several towns located near or around the famed “Highway 237 Antique Trail Corridor” ( take the Hwy. 237 exit from Hwy. 290 and proceed south to Round Top and Warrenton or north on Hwy 237 from Hwy. 71 to Warrenton and Round Top.). The shows abound along this route.

How often do they have Round Top-Warrenton?

The shows are held bi-annually, usually March-April and September-October normally over a two week period of time

Is there more than one town involved?

Several townships participate in the bi-annual event including Burton, Carmine, Warrenton, Fayetteville and Oldenburg, Texas.

Where is it located? How much area is covered?

The cities of Round Top, Tx., population 77 and Warrenton, Tx. are where most of the antique shows set up. The usually sleepy and quiet farm town communities grow into a mind boggling visitor population of several thousands of eager antique buying enthusiasts.

How many different dealers/venues participate?

Thousands of dealers participate in the overall shows in over forty major antique show event venues.

What type of antiques, collectibles are offered?

The antiques and collectibles offered vary vastly from some of the finest antique European and American furnishings to primitive Americana.

How can I pay for my purchases?

Generally payments are are made by check or cash directly to a vendor and not the show. Not all vendors, of which there are thousands, have credit card capabilities.(after all it is the country).

What kind of amenities are available for the shoppers?

Amenities vary with the different shows. At a couple of the larger shows antique shoppers have to pay for entry and possibly parking. Most of the shows; however, have free parking and admission. Good food and drink is generally never a problem at the shows. Restrooms vary from portable toilets to first class indoor facilities at some of the permanent buildings at some shows. (Visit the Old Henry Farm Website to see visitor amenities available.)

Are there any motels, hotels, RV parks available for shoppers traveling?

Motels, Hotels, Bed & Breakfast facilities, and R.V. Parks surround the area and are available in or near larger cities like Brenham, Giddings, LaGrange, and Weimer. However, as showtime nears, lodging close to the shows can get harder to find. Some of the shows offer R.V. hook ups and can put you in the middle of the shows, just check out their particular venue and amenities. A good source for a calender of dates for a particular show and listings for lodging and R.V. Parks can be located at the Round Top Chamber of Commerce website. Visit for information.

Are the events outside or are they covered if the weather is bad? How about A/C and Heat?

Most of the shows set up tents varying in size from small to as large as as an auditorium. Some shows have historic buildings for their dealers to set up their antiques and some shows have large permanent buildings. Air conditioning and heat vary again from show to show. More details about a particular shows amenities are best described by visiting the Show Venue tab at the Round Top Chamber of Commerce website.

If I want to sell, what do I need to do? Who do I contact? Can I bring my RV?

Dealer booth space rental information can be best obtained by emailing the Round Top Chamber of Commerce website or you can obtain email information for a particular venue directly from the show venue tab on the Chambers website and apply/talk to a show directly.

Are there dealer amenities available?

Dealer amenities vary greatly from show to show. (For information about dealer amenities and available vendor  space the Old Henry Farm  website at

Final Thoughts

If you’ve not been to Round Top and would like additional information, visit the Old Henry Farm website for information concerning Frank’s venue, or for more general information visit the Round Top  Chamber of Commerce website.

To find a calendar listing of Texas Antique Shows or to advertise your upcoming show, visit our Antique Show Page

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