On Line Auctions: Top Categories & Sites

Online auction sites like Ebay are a good way to earn a few extra dollars or for the dedicated “ebayer” can even be a good business.  Ebay has been around for a long time, however, with the changing economic times, can it be said that ‘online auctions are still popular and profitable?

The answer to this is yes’ – if you  know what’s selling in today’s market.   

For those familiar with selling on Ebay, you know that selling an item can be a hit or miss proposition. You may have what you think is the most wonderful item ever – list it and not get even one bid… while on the other hand you may put up an item that you think wasn’t worth the effort and have it sell for hundreds of dollars. Trying to figure out the mindset of online auction bidders has always been a difficult task and, in today’s world, it may be even harder than before.

With that in mind – and for those of you out there that may be thinking of trying your luck selling on one of the online auctions, i.e, Ebay,  and are undecided about what to offer – thought you might find it interesting to see what some of the top categories for sales were during the month of March for this year.

Top On Line Auction Categories

Vintage toys are always a popular category with the toys of the 1960’s seeming to be favorites. This includes robots, Buddy-L cars, and toy banks – mechanical banks or ones that perform an action are often most popular.

Old bottles never seem to  lose their appeal with bitters, whiskey and other ‘alcoholic’ bottles being favorites. Barber bottles of various kinds were at one time quite pricey, however, I’m not sure they still have that same appeal in spite of their beauty.

Salesman’s samples  can rack up a lot of bids – and dollars – if you can find the right sample. Samples of safes, mechanical jacks, and some other samples that have actual working parts are best. These salesman’s samples should look just like the real item – only miniaturized and be in good working order.

Authentic movie memorabilia  is desirable if  it represents the “movie star of the moment” – seems popularity in this field is always changing . One of the very best movie collectibles – regardless of the star – is old movie posters. These almost always demand a high price – regardless of the movie – but the poster must be in excellent condition to appeal to the collector wiling to pay top dollar which of course is what we all want.

Comic books – or as some call them today, “graphic novels” – can get big bucks, especially for the early numbered issues or if the copy is artist signed. As with movie posters, comic books should be in excellent condition.

True antiquities in any category often get good prices if the item is very old, is in excellent condition, or is made of a desirable material, i.e, sterling or gold. Some of the general categories that might come under this heading are books, porcelain, sterling holloware and flatware, Oriental items and military items.


Sometimes getting the best price for your item is simply luck. Other times you’ll find you have a better chance of getting top bids, if you educate yourself in the categories you find interesting. Doing so allows you to present and describe the item in a more professional manner – not to mention you’ll know if there is anything about the item not original or if there is any damage.

And as a final thought, items with the original box, paper work or any other provenance to include with the auction, i.e, old photos, letters, appraisals,etc. – will give you the advantage over others with the same item.

Want to see top items selling on Ebay for the week?

Visit this link or copy and paste it into your browser’s  address bar –   http://whatsellsbest.com/top-ten-monthly-collectibles-current.html

Want to see the top 10 on line action sites along with a review of each?

Visit this link or copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar – http://online-auction-sites.toptenreviews.com/


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