Ivory – New Regulations & Links



On reviewing comments, we found so many of you have questions regarding ivory, that we’re posting another blog on ivory that may answer a few questions and give links to pages where you can get more in-depth answers.

We’ll start by saying that in February, 2014 the laws regulating ivory changed […]

Buying ‘Antique’ Furniture

Whether you’re buying old or new furniture, you want the best furniture you can get. Today we’ll take a brief look at some features to consider when buying older, antique furniture. First thing to know is that most of the furniture you are likely to see – unless you are dealing with a VERY […]

So You Want to Start a Business

We’ve talked to several different people who are considering starting a business selling their stuff. Some are contemplating a booth in an existing mall, others are wanting to sell online. If you fall into either one of these categories, we thought we’d pass along some tips and things to consider before making a decision.



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