10 Steps to Finding a Good Estate Appraiser

We continue to get emails from people across the country looking for ‘dealers’ who can tell them what their estate is worth. Most of the time it would seem the person who inherited the estate has no knowledge about the items they’ve inherited – paintings, crystal, china, silver, toys, jewelry, coins – and are […]

Know Your Stuff: Original or Reproduction

Cleaning out a drawer the other day¬†looking for my garden book, I came across an old import catalog dated 1977. Wow! When I was first starting out in the antique business about 30 years ago, I used these catalogs to see what was being reproduced so I would know what to be on the […]

Collecting Old Bottles

The various types of antiques being collected seems to change with the times, however, bottles always seem to be a favorite. This could be due to the fact that there are so many different varieties of bottles…

Perfume Liquor Medicinal Figural Bitters Barber Soda

…so there is a collector bottle for just about everyone. […]


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