Basic Tools for Repairing Antiques

Regardless of what you’re working on, having the right kind of tools makes everything that follows easier. Today, we’re going to talk about some of the basic tools you might need if you plan on repairing an old piece of wooden furniture. There are many different types of repair you might make, depending on […]

32 Articles on Identifying, Cleaning, Selling, and Buying Collectibles & Antiques

Hard to say what’s in store for the antiques market this year. I’m sure some of you out there  will be thinking of disposing of items – and you may want to know more about what you’re getting rid of  beforehand – or maybe ‘gussy’ it up a bit before selling it. If you […]

To Clean or Not To Clean

There are times you may have an antique that may be dirty, rusty, scratched or maybe even missing parts, and you would like to display it looking better than it does – but you wonder…. ‘will cleaning it, or ‘refurbishing’  have any affect on its value?‘   The answer to this question depends pretty much on the item.

First thing […]

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