Ivory: Fake or Real

Interestingly, most of the comments and email we receive are about ivory.  The the following two questions being tops.

How can I  tell if it is fake or real? How do I  sell my ivory?



For those looking for information on how to tell if your ivory is real ivory, bone, or resin, […]

How to Identify Colored Gemstones

If you’ve been out there shopping flea markets and estate sales for fine jewelry, you’ve probably found items with colored gemstones. But are they real, synthetic or glass?

In this post we’re going to take a look at colored gemstones with regard to:

Different types of colored gemstones What to look for; What to […]

How to Build a Light Box

For those of you who may have been thinking about selling some of your antiques or collectibles online, we’re going to take a look at how to build an inexpensive light box to use for taking pictures. Granted you can take a picture just about anywhere, but having a portable studio set up inside not only […]


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