2 Types of Cane & 11 Caning Tips

To me some of the more interesting – and antique looking – chairs are those that have caned seats.   The chair pictured is one we found many years ago.  It was in pretty sad shape and we ended up refinishing it as well as re-caning it.  We’ve been enjoying  it ever since.

In addition to a variety […]

5 Tips for an ‘Antiquing’ Texas Vacation

Don’t miss out on taking a vacation this year – vacation right here in Texas. For those who enjoy taking time while on vacation to look for antiques, and for those that enjoy – what we like to call ‘treasure hunting’ at flea markets and trade days, Texas has an abundance of each. You’ll […]

Know Your Stuff: Original or Reproduction

Cleaning out a drawer the other day looking for my garden book, I came across an old import catalog dated 1977. Wow! When I was first starting out in the antique business about 30 years ago, I used these catalogs to see what was being reproduced so I would know what to be on the […]


Visit the Original Texas Antique Mall for Shows, Trade Days and More

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