32 Articles on Identifying, Cleaning, Selling, and Buying Collectibles & Antiques

Hard to say what’s in store for the antiques market this year. I’m sure some of you out there  will be thinking of disposing of items – and you may want to know more about what you’re getting rid of  beforehand – or maybe ‘gussy’ it up a bit before selling it. If you haven’t checked it, out there is a wealth of information available in the Texas Antique Mall Compendium that may be of  help.  For those of you who’ve never taken a look at the information offered there, we’ve placed a list below – complete with links – to help identify, clean and care for, or  buy and sell your antiques and collectibles. If you would like to go directly to the Compendium page – click here  – otherwise,  you’ll find each title with a brief description below.  Enjoy!

Reference & Price Guides Index – Index of identification and price guides for antique, vintage toys and Snoopy collectibles.

Patent Dates – List of Patent Dates beginning in 1836. Useful for dating items with patent numbers.

Bakelite Test – Learn how to tell if an item is made of Bakelite.

Clean Silver – Clean your sterling and silverplate safely without harsh chemicals and little or no ‘elbow-grease’.

Clean Other Metals – Clean brass, aluminum, pewter, and copper using common household products.

Whiten China and Ironstone – Bring back the beauty of old china and porcelain dishes using a common household product.

Auction Information – Learn about estate and onsite auctions before going. . . Glossary of terms, General information on how an auction is run, and what to take if you are going to an on-site auction.

Search for antique values, hallmarks, etc. – Learn how we search to find information on an unknown antique or collectible.

10 Ways to Sell Your Stuff – Read the pro’s and con’s for 10 different ways you can dispose of an item, a collection, or an estate.

Cleaning, Care of Antique Linen – Learn how to care for your old quilts, doilies, tablecloths, lace, drawn and pulled, and more.

Helpful Hints – More helpful hints on how to care for your antiques and collectibles using common household agents… remove sticky residue, unstick stoppers, remove soot, clean cast iron and more!

Cleaning, Care of Ivory – Learn how to clean and care for your ivory jewelry, figurines and more.

Cleaning Jewelry – Chart with information on how to clean over 30 different gemstones that may be set in fine jewelry – what to do and what not to do.

Identifying Jewelry – How to identify fine jewelry from costume jewelry at garage sales, estate sales, auctions and flea markets. We tell you some of the differences and what to look for when looking for gold and sterling silver jewelry.

Gemstone Identification – General information on 37 gemstones including diamond, ruby, emerald, tourmaline, alexandrite and many more.

Jewelry Care – How to care for your fine diamond, ruby, emerald, pearl and other precious jewelry set in gold

Care of Wooden Toys – Learn how to care for your wooden toys – new and old. What to do and what not to do.

Cleaning & Care of Plastic Toys – See how to clean and care for your collectible plastic toys.

Cleaning Metal & Vinyl Toys – Instructions on how to care for your diecast, tin, stamp steel and vinyl toys.

Auburn Rubber – Clean and care for your Auburn Rubber toys.

Snoopy Copyrights – Learn what all those dates mean.

Toy Grading – Learn how collectors use the C-10 scale to grade toys.

Gold – US & European marks, alloy variations, calculate scrap gold value, definitions for other types of gold designations, i.e., gold-filled, rolled gold, vermeil.

Precious Metal Weights & Conversion Table – Precious metal weights – troy ounce, pennyweight, grams and conversion chart.  Calculate weight from grams to ounces

Calculate Gold Content of Jewelry – Use this formula to calculate how much gold value there is in 18K, 14K or 10K jewelry – before you sell it.

US Silver Coins – Silver Content – Learn how much silver there is in silver coins before you sell or spend them.

ONLINE TOOL – Convert Ounces to Grams – Use this FREE online tool to convert Troy and Standard Ounces into Grams.

“ONLINE TOOL -Gold Value for Karat Jewelry – Get the gold value for your 9K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 18K and 22K jewelry before you sell it.  Use this FREE tool to make calculations online.

How to Buy Sterling Silver – What you should know before buying sterling.

Sterling Picture Gallery – See pictures of sterling pieces, how weighted items are constructed and more.

Not All Silver is Sterling – Not all silver is sterling, marks, definitions and more.

Polish & Wax – What to know about polishing your antique furniture – French polish, waxing and 4 formulas for making your own ‘reviver’.

Scratch Repair – How to repair scratched furniture.


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