Retro Toy Catalogs – Online Guide Coming

In the ‘good old days’ catalogs were a way of shopping but who would have thought they were to become something akin to a time capsule.

Looking back at some of the old catalogs like Sears, Roebuck & Co,  we see how life must have been some hundred years ago – what they wore, how they furnished their homes and what they played with.

While there are still lots of catalogs today where you can buy just about anything, finding vintage or retro catalogs can often be difficult … but if you are fortunate enough to find one, it can be a real help in identifying a collector item – particularly toys.

In addition to sales catalogs, many of the major toy retailers printed catalogs for their vendors and clients showcasing their new and up-coming toys – especially for the holiday season.

However, finding these older catalogs can be difficult. Many were tossed or were used so much they finally simply fell apart.

We’ve located some retro toy catalogs from some of the well-known and not-so-well known toy companies and will soon be putting portions of them online giving our visitors the opportunity to take a look at the past as well as help identify their toy and all of its parts.






Some of the catalogs soon to be available will be the following:

  • Buddy L – 1983-84
  • Kusan – 1982
  • Little Tikes – 1979
  • Small World – 1988
  • Mattel – 1996
  • Nylint – 1982
  • Tonka – 1981

We’ll also be sharing selected portions of vintage Hot Wheels Newsletters and review some cars for certain selected years that should assist in dating your collection.

We’ll post when we get information on line – so please check back.



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