5 Tips for an ‘Antiquing’ Texas Vacation

Don’t miss out on taking a vacation this year – vacation right here in Texas. For those who enjoy taking time while on vacation to look for antiques, and for those that enjoy – what we like to call ‘treasure hunting’ at flea markets and trade days, Texas has an abundance of each. You’ll find a guide to flea markets, trade days and antique shops located in Texas on our original website at this link. And, if your looking for lodgings, you’ll find complete information on hotels, motels, cabins, bed & breakfast, ranches and condominiums listed – by city and region at This is Our Texas. In addition, while on This is Our Texas you can look for lakes and parks located near the city or town you’re visiting when you’re ready to take a break from all that antique shopping.

Furniture Shopping

It’s not a problem when shopping for antiques close to home, but if you plan on shopping for antiques on vacation you need to do a little planning.

If you are looking for something large like a piece of furniture, a garden architecture item, etc., you’ll need to have a way to get it home. If your vehicle can’t accommodate something this large, then you need to give some thought to how to transport it should you find exactly what you’ve been looking for. This might mean . . .

taking a different vehicle,

having the means to hitch a small trailer to the car,

or arranging for delivery by a third-party.

This last method can be costly. For packing furniture and other large items, consider taking along packing blankets, rope, and a tarp in case of rain.

Glass, Pottery, Porcelains & Other Breakables

Shopping for large or small breakables requires good packing. Take boxes along. The file boxes that break down and can be stored flat until needed are excellent for this. These are available at most office supply stores. Take along extra bubble wrap if you have space. If not, it is easy enough to purchase paper towels or newspapers along the way to use for wrapping if needed. Most stores will have a way to wrap breakables, and if you tell them you’re traveling, most of the time they’ll be happy to package more carefully and with extra wrap.

Gold, Jewelry, Coins, Etc.

Valuables purchased on vacation may be small bits of jewelry, coins, sterling items – flatware and hollow-ware. The smaller items are easily kept in a purse however, if you are planning on being out and about you should consider a safer way to store them until you get home. Keeping such items in a locked suitcase is an option. If the hotel or lodging has a service to store valuables in a safe, this is also an option. Some SUV vehicless have a covered well in the back,  if the items are small enough, this is an excellent place to keep them. Remember, keep all valuables – large or small – out of sight of passers-by if kept in the car.

Payment Options

Payment is not really a problem as most antique shops take credit and debit cards. However, if you are planning on shopping the flea markets and trade days be sure to take along  some cash, traveler’s checks or a check book. Most vendors will take a personal check with proper identification – but cash is always a winner and will most often times get you a good discount.


If you’re limited to the number of days you can take, plan your days towards the end of the week, especially if you want to do any antiquing or treasure hunting. Most antique shops in small towns are open limited days – typically towards the end of the week. And, in almost all cases flea markets and trade days are only open on weekends.  If you need reservations for lodgings, make those ahead of time.  At this link you’ll find a list of Texas cities listed by region.

From beaches to mountains, Texas has every kind of vacation experience available – take a little time and see what you may’ve been missing.

Some Pictures Courtesy Texas DOT


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