TV Casting Call: Are You a Collector?

We just received an email from David Polanzak (Casting Director from a television production company in California).  In this email David stated that they are putting together a show on antiques and collectibles and looking for potential families to take part. 

Below you’ll find the portion of the email describing what they are looking for.  At the end of this post you’ll find information on how to contact David if you would like to be considered for this TV show or get more information.*

Is your home full of treasures that might be worth a fortune?

Do you have a passion for collecting high priced antiques or have you inherited some unknown treasures?

If you had cash offers for them, what would you keep and what would you sell?

TV Production Company is looking for couples and families with great antiques and collectibles for a new show!

A team of professional antique dealers will come to your home and unearth your treasures such as antique jewelry and silver, period furniture; vintage children’s toys’ vintage advertising; memorabilia; high caliber artwork and pieces of decorative art and unusual collections.  The dealers will make you a cash offer for your antiques.

Will you cash in or decide to keep your treasures?

If  you think you fit the criteria and have several of these items then apply now and tell us about your antiques. 

If you are interested please respond to David at this email address:

In the email, give the following information: your name (you & your partner),  ages, city and state, contact number and a recent photo….

or call David Polanzak at 424-214-4628

Deadline for contacting him is Friday, May 6.







*  All Terms and Conditions of Texas Antique Mall  apply to this third-party offer. 

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